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How it works

Frequently Asked Questions

How it works?

At Vitality, our goal is to partner with our patients to treat Mind, Body and Spirit to achieve and maintain Balance and Wellness...

Our Vitality Team will focus not only on Treatment, but on Prevention of chronic illness and conditions through personalized healthcare that combine all aspects of traditional, modern and holistic medicine. We offer Custom Primary Healthcare Plans, IV Infusion Therapy, Aesthetic Services, Medical Weight Loss, Sexual Wellness, Peptide Therapy and Functional Medicine.  Our priority is YOU - the Patient, the Friend, the Person. We hope you choose Vitality to partner on your journey for Optimal Health and Wellness to Live Your Best Life.

Vitality Health and Wellness offers membership-based Custom Primary Health Care Plans that follow a Boutique Medicine Model. This means that we deal directly with and place our primary focus on you, the patient, whether you are uninsured,

under-insured, have high deductibles, or want to supplement your current insurance plan with around the clock accessible healthcare. We do not accept insurance, nor do we submit claims to insurance for reimbursement. We can, however, offer a super bill if you, the patient, have insurance and would like to submit a claim to them.  There is no guarantee from us that your insurance company will reimburse for any of our services.

With Vitality Health and Wellness, there is no middleman, no waiting for approvals to provide the services that we offer, and no surprises when it comes to costs.  With VHW, you, the patient, have direct access to your care provider when you need them.  

Our services are offered via office visit, telehealth and even at home if you desire.

What forms of payments do we accept?

- We do accept HSA for payment (as long as your card has a Visa or Mastercard logo) and can also provide a superbill if you need for submission. It is, however, your responsibility to know if your HSA allows for services provided by out of network providers.

- We accept Cherry Medical Finance- you apply by on our website, in the office or on our social media

- We accept Care Credit (as long as your card has a Visa or Mastercard logo)

- We accept Cash, Check or Card of your choice


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